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MVH Rental's Cleanliness Pledge

Air Sanitising Machine

MVH Rental’s Cleanliness Pledge.


As part of our continued commitment to customer health and wellbeing we have expanded again our cleaning protocols following local guidance from health authorities to ensure our vehicles are deep cleaned prior to all hires.


Whilst we’ve always had a thorough process of cleaning all vehicles in place, we have taken enhanced steps by purchasing a air sanitising machine, which dispenses a fine mist in the vehicles cabin to ensure all germs, bacteria, bugs and viruses are cleansed (this also includes Covid 19) including through the Air-Conditioning/Air vents and all surfaces (including fabrics) within the vehicles cabin.


This is on top of already ensuring all touch points a customer may come into contact with are sanitised using industry approved cleaning products, these include the following areas.


  • Key and key fob

  • Steering wheel

  • Steering column

  • Center console

  • Accessory panel

  • Cupholders 

  • Compartments

  • Door interiors

  • Door pockets

  • Seat Belts

  • Seat surfaces

  • Seat pockets

  • Interior Door handles

  • Exterior Door handles

  • Areas between seat/console

  • Areas between seat/door jambs

  • Instrument panels

  • Rearview mirrors

  • Visor mirrors

  • Dashboard   

  • Gear stick

  • Any other high-touch areas


We have also taken the necessary steps to ensure that should a vehicle require quarantining we have the facility to accommodate and isolate as required to minimise the spread of infection.


Above and beyond these steps we are continuously ensuring our rental offices and workspaces are cleaned and sanitised accordingly on a regular basis again with the use of industry approved cleaning products and our fogging machine.