Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate my driving licence pass code?

You can follow our seperate guide by visiting our driving licence update page.

What are the age limits when hiring?

Every hire requires the drivers be between 25 and 70 without exception.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is there to cover such things as fuel, loss of hire or loss of hire due to damage. The deposit is returned as long as the vehicle is returned in the condition it was sent out.

Can I pay my deposit with cash?

Deposits can only be paid in two ways, by credit card (pre-auth) or by debit card which is taken from the card and credited back to the same card at the end of the hire.

Are you open on bank holidays?

No, we are closed during all bank/public holidays. If you suspect this may interfere with your hire, you can call us on (0191) 488 87 00

Can you supply a driver(s)?

Unfortunately we cannot supply drivers. All our hires are self drive.

Would a photocopy of my driving license be acceptable?

No, we can only accept the original documents.

I have endorsements on my license. Can I still hire from you?

We can usually accept up to 6 points within the last 3 years for minor offences. For example, speeding points (SP30, SP40, SP50). We will need to be made aware of any other offences as vehicles cannot be released if the license does not meet the criteria set out in our insurance.

Can I provide my own insurance?

Yes. If the insurance is not commercial insurance then we will require confirmation from your insurance company that they are covering the exact vehicle you are hiring.

Is it possible to reduce the damage excess incurred by the insurance?

Yes, you will be offered this option when booking your vehicle either over the phone or online.

How many drivers can I have on a single vehicle rental?

The first two drivers are free, then each additional driver is £10 each after that. Where a european hire has been made then each extra driver is £36

Which proofs of address do you accept?

Any utility bill dated in the last two months with the drivers name and present address. Some examples are: Council Tax, Bank Statement, Phone Bill etc

I am not from the UK but hold a full EU license. Can I still hire from you?

Yes, but only vehicles up to 9 seats and other driver conditions still apply.

Which credit/debit cards do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Visa & Visa Debit. We do not accept American Express or Visa Electron.

What special license requirements are there to rent large vehicles (Minibuses, Luton Vans etc)?

You can drive any vehicle up to 3.5 tonne in weight and with no more than 9 seats on a standard car license. With a minibus (more than 9 seats), the driver will need a D1 category on their licence.

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